What’s a Max Plankton?

It’s a band made up of experienced players from Chicagoland playing original rock music that’s been described as Power-Prog-Pop. They like to write fun, melodic and catchy music, with occasional progressive adventures. And to get the full entertainment experience, please listen to the words!

Max released two full-length albums, and they’re continuing to develop new songs. They’ve garnered some loyal fans and they love playing live!

Who’s in Max Plankton?

Rick Bennett is the lead singer and bassist. Before Max Plankton, Rick and John Griffin headed up a rock trio called Frankenpony. They had four full-length albums, played often in Chicago (Elbo Room, Beat Kitchen, Lion’s Den, Gunther Murphy’s, Cubbie Bear) and downstate, and even had a song played in an episode of the TV sitcom “Help Me Help You” on ABC.

John Griffin is the guitar master (and studio wizard). In addition to Max, John plays in the legendary punk-art-rock band, Tutu and the Pirates, and he gets his blues groove on with The Bluesniks. John also records many bands at his suburban studio, Crime Dog Studio (part of Illinois Media Group).

Brian Robery drives the drums and sings, too. Brian had a long stint touring with Uncle John’s Band (popular in the Midwest as a Grateful Dead tribute band). Outside Max Plankton, Brian has other steady drum gigs, too. He also makes drums in his spare time!

Christina Danger plays keys, provides backing harmonies, and sometimes leads the way on vocals. Christina is also the front woman for The Whiskey Bends (John provides his guitar talents here as well), where she showcases many of her original arrangements.

What’s with the name?

Max Planck was a famous physicist. Google him to learn more, if you are so inclined. Plankton are tiny water organisms. Max Plankton is either the most plankton you can possibly have, or it’s a tiny water-based German physicist. Or a band from Chicago...