Frankenpony: Hideous Creatures

The 4th of 4 Frankenpony albums! We've made the songs available for your free listening pleasure right there below all these words. If you'd like your own copy of this CD, please visit CD Baby. This album is also available on most any of the big music streaming or digital download services. (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) If you're into it, you can also check out the lyrics, credits and more information about this recording...

1. trash

2. evolution

3. hood

4. nature vs. nurture

5. showing

6. apologizing

7. obsessing

8. medicating

9. rotting

10. immersing

11. come down

12. the importance of eating breakfast

13. ketchup vs. catsup

14. bag of chips

15. looking

16. happy birthday

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